School Parliament Election 2023-24

School Parliament Election was conducted at ISS Senior Secondary School on 15-july 2023. It is essential for fostering democratic values and encouraging student involvement in the decision-making process.

School parliament elections typically allow students to elect representatives who will advocate for their interests and address various issues within the school community. These representatives often serve as a bridge between the students and the school administration, helping to ensure that the students’ voices are heard and their needs are addressed.

Such elections also provide valuable opportunities for students to learn about the democratic process, campaigning, and leadership. It encourages healthy competition and helps students develop their public speaking, organizational, and teamwork skills.

E-Vote Election Software:

For the last four years, a software developed and maintained by the IT department of ISS School has been used for the election process. The E-Vote system allows voters to view a list of candidates and cast their votes. The Election Commissioner has full control over the system, with the ability to moderate and delete any details that do not adhere to the Election Rules.

The election process at ISS Senior Secondary School was fair, transparent, and inclusive, and that the elected representatives will serve their fellow students effectively. Participating in school parliament elections can be a memorable experience for the students and contributes to the overall development of the school community.



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