EXPLORICA 23 – Science Fest

The Explorica 23 Science, Mathematics, and Social Science fest at ISS Senior Secondary School was a fantastic showcase of students’ ingenuity and creativity. The event aimed to unlock scientific potential and foster a spirit of exploration, learning, and innovation among the participants. The fest featured various activities and presentations that allowed students to delve into …

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Athlero 2023

It sounds like the Sports Day at ISS Senior Secondary School in 2023 was a lively and exciting event with a variety of sprint, jump, and throw items. The meet began with the flag hoisting ceremony, which was likely a patriotic and ceremonial start to the event, and it was performed by the principal along …

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Madhyamam Velicham

That’s great news! It’s always encouraging to see initiatives that promote a reading habit among students. The inauguration of the Madhyamam Velicham program at ISS Senior Secondary School in Perinthalmanna is a commendable step towards fostering a love for reading. The presence of Madhyamam officials, School Management Committee members, the principal, HMs, teachers, and students …

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Vayanakalari Inauguration- Manorama

An initiative taken by ISS Senior Secondary School in Perinthalmanna to inaugurate a newspaper reading program using Manorama Vayanakalary. Encouraging students to cultivate a reading habit, especially through newspapers, can have numerous benefits, such as improving their language skills, increasing general knowledge, and fostering critical thinking. By introducing students to a reputable newspaper like Manorama, …

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School Parliament Election 2023-24

School Parliament Election was conducted at ISS Senior Secondary School on 15-july 2023. It is essential for fostering democratic values and encouraging student involvement in the decision-making process. School parliament elections typically allow students to elect representatives who will advocate for their interests and address various issues within the school community. These representatives often serve …

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World Environment Day 2023

ISS Senior Secondary School Celebrates Environment Day with Enthusiasm and Awareness The ISS Senior Secondary School, known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, celebrated World Environment Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students and faculty members came together to promote environmental awareness and take meaningful actions to protect the planet. The school organized various activities …

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The study believed that educational tours can have a very positive impact on students’ personal development as well as education and career. Children who travel more have a vast experience in terms of cultures, languages, food and also have an increased tolerance and respectfulness towards others. Team ISS have been organized category wise tour for all the …



For classes KG&Grade 7 to 12 were conducted very successfully with the help of our dedicated teachers and non-teaching staffs. Heartfelt Gratitudes to all.

Food Festival@KG

It was Amazing; The Food Fest you hosted was absolutely delicious and was the highlight of our first day of the week. Loads of Thank you for inviting us over. Crew Kindergarten You all are really amazing ; a wonderful friend and I would love to do this again soon. I’ll host, and hopefully come …

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