KG- Opening Day

The KG Opening Day was a delightful and memorable event, marking the beginning of the academic journey for our youngest learners.

The day started with a warm welcome for the little ones and their parents. The school was decorated with colorful balloons and banners to create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

A special assembly was organized to welcome the new KG students. The principal addressed the gathering, expressing excitement about the new academic year and the joy of seeing so many eager faces. The assembly also included a short prayer and a welcome dance performed by the elder students.

Parents and children were introduced to the KG teachers, who welcomed each child with a friendly smile. The children were then taken to their respective classrooms, where they had the opportunity to explore their new learning environment. The classrooms were brightly decorated with educational posters, toys, and learning materials.

The KG Opening Day at ISS Senior Secondary School was a wonderful start to the new academic year, filled with joy, excitement, and the promise of many more enriching experiences to come.

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