Middle Schooling

The middle school curriculum in ISS is designed to be deeper and broader in all perspectives with subject-based content modules to transform education into competency-based and life-oriented lifelong learning. The strategies of teaching and learning are carefully adopted to cater to the idea of holistic development and to enable students to deal with real-life situations. Experimental learning in mathematics, science, and social science; project-based learnings; research-based year-long studies; development of artistic and literary talents; and training in visual and performing arts are just a few to mention.

Our Key Features are..

  • Highly experienced and subject-wise experts
  • Learning through critical thinking
  • Problem-solving and inquiry-based learning
  • Interdisciplinary approaches
  • Increased hands-on experiential learning
  • in science math, social sciences, and
  • Learning by doing to build conceptual
  • understanding and skills
  • Interactive-student centric learning environment
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