Madhyamam Velicham

That’s great news! It’s always encouraging to see initiatives that promote a reading habit among students. The inauguration of the Madhyamam Velicham program at ISS Senior Secondary School in Perinthalmanna is a commendable step towards fostering a love for reading. The presence of Madhyamam officials, School Management Committee members, the principal, HMs, teachers, and students at the assembly signifies the importance of this program for both the school and the community.

Reading habits are crucial for the overall development of students, as they not only improve vocabulary and language skills but also broaden their horizons by exposing them to diverse perspectives and knowledge. It’s heartening to see educational institutions taking proactive steps to encourage such habits among their students.

The Madhyamam Velicham program’s continued success will likely have a positive impact on the students’ intellectual growth and contribute to a more informed and engaged student body. This initiative should serve as an example for other schools and institutions to follow in promoting a culture of reading and learning.

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