Naja Fathima KP

6-A (2022-23)

Three Butterflies

Once there were three beautiful butterflies in a garden. One was red, one was yellow and the third was white. Every day the three danced and played together in the garden and they were very happy. One day they were playing in the garden when suddenly it began to rain. They flew to a red flower and said to the red flower:”Red flower, we are caught in the rain, our wings are wet and it’s so cold, would you please let us stay under your petals?”. The red flower said to the red butterfly that you have the same colour as me, so you can come in and you two can’t. The butterflies said together “We are friends and we will never part and we came together and leave together. The same thing happened with the white flower too and again the butterflies said together “We are good friends and we will never part, we came together and leave together. They could find a place to take shelter. The sun saw them from clouds, he drove away the clouds and as the rain stopped, it was sunny again. The three butterflies’ wings dried in the sun. They happily played again.

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