Saleena Thelath, M/o Mashael Venkitta

5-B (2022-23)

Is technology a boon or curse?

Is technology a boon or curse to this generation?

Technology is the result of the practical application of science . Science is referred to as knowledge or idea that originates in us after observation. This idea with creativity results in a technological invention.

Technology should never dominate our life

Technology, no doubt, has made our life comfortable.

People nowadays are totally dependent on technology. It has benefited in every sector like education, medicine, agriculture, defense, industry etc. The development of computers is a miracle for the entire mankind. In total it can be stated that the advent of technology  is helpful for human beings.

The most important thing that we should keep in our mind is that technology should not dominate our life. If we become the slave of technology, it will totally ruin our lives. Therefore, we must bring technology in use only  when it is required. The birth of artificial intelligence is the result of advancing technology. Its development will gradually deplete the role of humans in the future.

Technology – It in a blessing with worries.

Technology is the greatest innovation for mankind. Technology has greatly helped in reducing the time, effort and energy for doing any of the work because of the development of efficient tools and machinery. It is sad to state that this blessing is accompanied by worries. It is because technology also has negative impacts, if not utilised properly. The excessive use of technology results in environmental degradation and that is not a positive sign. Moreover, the negative use of technology can also cause destruction.

Its better to bring technology into our use only when it is required. Excessive use can result in negative effects on both human beings and the environment. The peaceful existence of human beings will not be possible if the environment is disturbed.

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