Kerala Piravi – Nov 01

ISS Senior Secondary School commemorated Kerala Piravi Dinam, the Kerala state formation day, with an array of vibrant and culturally enriching activities on November 1st, marking the 67th anniversary of Kerala’s formation on November 01, 1956.

The school was adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors as students and faculty embraced the rich cultural heritage by donning traditional Kerala attire. Vibrant Mundus, elegant Sarees, and Kasavu dresses filled the school premises, reflecting the essence of Kerala’s traditional clothing.

A stunning Kerala map model adorned the school courtyard, meticulously crafted by students, showcasing the geographical beauty and diversity of the state. This model was a visual feast portraying Kerala’s topography, rivers, cities, and landmarks.

A special assembly was conducted in honor of Kerala’s history and achievements. Students presented speeches, engaging skits, and enlightening presentations, highlighting Kerala’s glorious past, cultural significance, and the visionary leaders who contributed to the state’s development.

The air was resonant with melodious tunes and vibrant rhythms as students enthralled the audience with soul-stirring songs and mesmerizing dance performances, paying tribute to Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.

The beauty of the Malayalam language echoed through the halls during the assembly. Malayalam, the heart and soul of Kerala, was proudly used in speeches, presentations, and interactions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the linguistic heritage of the state.

Students displayed their creativity through colorful charts and informative exhibits depicting Kerala’s specialties. These exhibits highlighted the state’s unique features, including its dance forms, cuisine, festivals, wildlife, historical monuments, and significant contributions to various fields.

Numerous other engaging activities filled the day, including quiz competitions, workshops elucidating Kerala’s history and cultural significance.

The Kerala Piravi Dinam celebration at ISS Senior Secondary School was a testament to the vibrant tapestry of Kerala’s culture and history. Through engaging activities, students not only celebrated but also imbibed a deeper understanding and appreciation for Kerala’s rich heritage, fostering a sense of pride and unity among all participants.

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