Independence Day Celebration 2023

Indian Independence Day is celebrated with such enthusiasm and color at ISS Senior Secondary School in Perinthalmanna. The inclusion of various activities and programs makes it a memorable occasion for the students and the school community.

  1. March Past of Various Houses: March pasts are a common feature of Independence Day celebrations in schools. It’s a great way to showcase discipline and teamwork among students from different houses or divisions within the school.
  2. Scouts and Guides: Involving Scouts and Guides adds a sense of patriotism and discipline to the event. They often play a role in organizing and participating in the celebrations.
  3. Flag Hoisting: The flag hoisting ceremony is the highlight of Independence Day celebrations. It’s a moment of pride and reverence as the Indian national flag is raised.
  4. Martial Arts Display: Including martial arts displays not only adds excitement to the event but also highlights physical fitness and self-defense skills among the students.
  5. Pyramid Display: Pyramid displays involve students forming human pyramids, symbolizing unity and teamwork. It’s a visually appealing and dynamic part of the celebration.
  6. Yoga Demonstration: Yoga is an integral part of Indian culture, and a yoga demonstration can promote physical and mental well-being while also highlighting the significance of traditional practices.
  7. Cultural Programs: Cultural programs, including songs, dances, skits, and speeches, are a way to showcase the rich cultural diversity of India and educate students about its history and significance.

School management committee members, principal, and teachers actively participate in making Independence Day celebrations colorful and meaningful for the students. Their involvement not only enhances the overall experience but also sets an example of dedication and patriotism for the students. Here’s how their roles might contribute to the vibrant occasion

Overall, these activities and programs create a vibrant atmosphere that instills a sense of patriotism and unity among the students. Such celebrations not only commemorate India’s struggle for independence but also serve as a reminder of the importance of freedom and unity in the country’s ongoing journey.

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